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About one and a half year ago I went through a tough time in my life and was seeking support.  I had a look for life coaches and quickly found Anastasia’s site and it was a truly transformational experience. Her unwavering support and guidance helped me navigate a challenging period in my life. Her unique approach, combined with her warm and compassionate nature, made me feel heard, understood, and empowered.

With Anastasia’s help, I was able to gain a new perspective on my challenges and develop practical tools to overcome them. As a result, I emerged from this experience stronger, more confident, and better equipped to handle life's ups and downs. Even now I am still talking with friends and family about the great experience I had. 

I highly recommend Anastasia as life coach to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life. Her dedication and expertise, combined with her genuine care for her clients, makes her an invaluable asset for anyone seeking personal growth and self-improvement.

Kevin, The Netherlands

Anastasia was integral in helping me make a huge career change and healing an old childhood wound I had been carrying around for far too long. With just a few sessions I had a job that I actually enjoyed and the self-respect I had been for years without. When working on my past, she guided me through several hypnotic states, visualising each area of tension and pain and gave me the inner tools to be confident and self-assured. When I was finally able to take my inner child in my arms and hug them, telling them that it was all going to be okay, I felt the release of years flow out of my body in grateful and compassionate tears. It was an experience I will never forget and will always be thankful for. Thank you Anastasia for helping me come closer to the real me.

Alexander Morgan, The Netherlands

I started my journey with Anatasia over a year ago, initially wanting to explore career outside of my current function. However, the need/focus changed quite quickly as I was on the verge of burnout due to lack of self care, lack of boundaries and lack of direction for myself professionally and personally. 

Working with Anatasia we systemically unpicked why I was feeling how I was feeling and gradually gave me a tool box of how to approach feelings and emotions. Also thinking long term of my life goals professionally and personally, how I can get there. 

Over the last year I’ve changed so much my thought process, I’ve clearer boundaries and goals for the future. Recently I was able to secure a role completely outside of my current function, no doubt helped my Anatasia giving me the tools and confidence to explore !

Every single session I was left feeling better for it, and given the support and coaching specifically for that session. I always felt important in these sessions and great empathy shown.

I honestly can’t thank Anatasia enough for helping me turn my thought process and life around. I am sure I will be back for future sessions, as of course the journey is never ending.

Highly recommend Anatasia to anyone, with any background!

Hannah Worledge, UK

I worked for many years following a career goal, giving it my primary energy and focus. When I decided that it was time to pause and begin making intentional decisions about my future steps, direction, and goals, I sought out Anastasia’s dedicated guidance. Over roughly eight months, Anastasia has fluidly navigated through all kinds of topics I’ve brought to the table, from professional and practical to social and relational. Anastasia helped me to clarify to myself what my personal goals and boundaries are. She has taught me how to approach anything and everything with proactive intentions, confidence, and assurance in my own strengths and qualities. In addition to being an astute observer, Anastasia employs a broad range of exercises and experiences to address an assortment of issues. All in all, the coaching experience has been an excellent process for helping me realign life’s puzzle pieces and gain empowerment and excitement towards future opportunities.

Jessica, The Netherlands

Triggered by COVID-19 our life is too stressful nowadays even for the stress-resistant persons and especially for the people working in consultancy. I had problems at work and in my private life. I started a personal coaching program with Anastasia. After each session with her, I felt happier and more positive. I see opportunities again and I’m back not even to my ‘’old self’’, but to my ‘’new self’’ and full of energy. Thanks to her I have resolved the problems at my work and achieved promotions, improved my private life issues and communication with the people surrounding me. I had several intake sessions with the different coaches and made the best choice!

Andrey, The Netherlands

On the last year of my PhD, I hit bottom - every morning I had to struggle with myself to get out of the bed and go to the lab. I knew I was not going to stay in science and could hardly find any reason why I should not give up and leave academia right away without ever finishing my PhD.

In a couple of sessions, Anastasia helped me to find those reasons, break down the writing process into practical steps and finish the thesis on time without getting a burnout. But it was only a small part of the work.

Most importantly, Anastasia helped me to gain back the joy of life, taught me to listen to my inner voice, re-discover my aspirations, and showed the way towards my new goals.

Dr. Natalia Stolyarchuk, Germany

I am a mother to a 3 year old and a post-doctoral researcher. I approached Anastasia in Summer/Fall 2020 after being very unhappy with how I was leading my life. I was insecure about my abilities, confused about whether I wanted to stay in my career and felt like I hadn’t had a break in 5 years. I had no boundary between work and home life, and felt like the only thing that defined me was my work. I remember telling Anastasia that my main goal is to make sure I am not defined by just one role I play in life as it added a lot of pressure in attaining perfection in that role. I also wanted to get better value for the time I had in hand and contribute more at home. Over the last 6-8 months, we systematically worked on making my life better with the help of many tools Anastasia provided. These tools ranged from organizing your calendar effectively to recognizing your fears or moulding your emotional response to make sure you are prepared. I am extremely thankful for the positive changes I see in myself. I am more confident in my abilities; clear about what lies ahead and open to new opportunities. On a more day-to-day basis, I am a happier mother, more satisfied scientist and a more equal partner to my spouse. Importantly, I end most days feeling very rewarded. For this, I have Anastasia’s coaching to thank - it organized my life on a professional, personal and emotional front. The tools she offered were easy to incorporate in your life and were innovative in improvising to your needs. Overall, I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner.

Dr. Aishwarya Parthasarathy, The Netherlands

One day I woke up and realized "I need a coach in my life: preferably who was born in Russia but has been living in Europe ". It was a period when I was super stuck in my life, was unhappy with myself, was unsatisfied with my job, had no idea what I was going to do and what was my passion. That day I found Anastasia and already after a few weeks her method of coaching did a great job. I was back on track: I have started listening to my inner child, gaining back the joy of life in addition to all other achievements I had.

Vlada, The Netherlands

It was such a great experience to have a coach who understands me entirely, as Anastasia shares the same background, career history and previous life decisions. 

 Positivism, inner voice and personal strength are for me the key learnings from the coaching sessions with Anastasia. I was introduced to Anastasia through my company with the intention to use coaching for gaining assertiveness. Anastasia showed me that I am already perfect and that I am already assertive enough.

Therefore, she taught me how to polish some of my skills to the next level.  She coached me in communicating in a positive way, in listening to my inner voice and share that inner voice and she coached me in finding/feeling my personal strength. I am very grateful that she was so honest in setting the right objectives for coaching and that I am able to use my learnings on a daily basis. 

X. Kuo, The Netherlands

Anastasia’s energy and positive strength are truly admirable and she has this unique ability to channel them through. She is a good listener and has the clarity to see the big picture. All these qualities make up for a brilliant life coach Anastasia is. On top of that (and perhaps more importantly) she has the intelligence and experience to match those.

Dr. Fariya Sharmeen, The Netherlands

I got in contact with Anastasia at the point when I was doing a postdoc I didn't like and had no idea of where I should continue. After several sessions, she helped me to focus on things which are most important for me at this moment of life and I gained a strength to continue. More than that I've learned how to take control and responsibility for my own life. Thank you, Anastasia, these were the most supportive discussions I've ever had and now it is much easier to move forward

Dr. Dmitry Dzhigaev, Sweden

Anastasia is a great coach who gives you her undivided attention and helps you to constructively dissect the challenges that you are facing. She mindfully shares her wisdom at just the right moment. She is able to tell it like it is with a sense of warmth and empathy, making sessions with her feel safe and familiar. She is truly devoted to her clients and clearly has a passion for guiding others.

Ashleigh, The Netherlands

Anastasia was a very kind and emotionally-present mentor. I have had her as a personal guide for a time in university, and she very quickly identified my weaknesses and strengths. The meetings were always fruitful, both taken very seriously yet always good humoured. She specialises in finding structure for both short-term and long-term life aspirations, and ensuring that things are kept on track. She was a keen listener, and always provided very thoughtful and sincere advice. I only wish I had a few more sessions. It is rare to find a coach with this much sincerity in her work - I couldn't recommend her enough!

Nabeel, The United Kingdom

With her warm and caring attitude she can comfort you when you face problems.

With her direct and hands on mentality she can also give you that last push to go for it and keep that positive mindset.

Anastasia is a lovely person with a vibrant soul.

Marielle, The Netherlands

Anastasia has been my safe harbor when everything seemed lost. I contacted her during a difficult period of my life from a professional and personal point of view. On the one hand, I was at the end of a complicated Post-Doc. I wanted to jump out of the wheel of academia, and it scared me. On the other hand, I needed help to develop my self-esteem and focus on what is vital for me. In always different sessions, Anastasia helped me at 360º. She guided me in untwisting my intricate skein of thoughts, making me see things from other exciting points of view, setting up the base on which to build my future. 

Dr. Federica Angius, The Netherlands

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