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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I work with professionals, academics, students and anyone who wishes to change their personal circumstances. I am a firm believer that our thoughts and words create our realities. A new positive thought can entirely change the way you see the world and serve as the catalyst that propels you forward with ease and grace.

I have been fortunate enough to help people making those shifts and move forward into a place where they feel confident, inspired and empowered.


One to One Coaching Sessions

One to one coaching is a personalized, intensive coaching and mentoring programme.

Depending on your goals and experiences you may need 5 to 12 sessions.

We will start with a free Discovery session, in which we will decide if we want to work together. 

During the Discovery session we will define 1-3 goals to accomplish during our work together.

We will meet 2 times per month. The duration of a session is around 1.5 - 2.0 hours. 

1.5 hour session - the price is 125 euro per session (including 21% VAT taxes)

2.0 hour session - the price is 155 euro per session (including 21% VAT taxes)

Coaching sessions take place either via online call or in person in Delft (NL).

Do you want to work together?

Schedule a free Discovery session to discuss your ups and downs, goals, aspirations and current challenges.

Reinvent Yourself

reinvent yourself

Each time a major shift happens in our lives, such as finishing a degree, leaving a job or a relationship, or moving to a new place, we have to choose who we want to become in this ‘new reality.’ Given that change is inevitable, there will always be times in our lives when we want to reinvent ourselves.

Change means reinvention and personal change is often a painful process. We feel anxious about our future, our image, career, money, and relationships. We are afraid to face this uncertainty, afraid that we won’t meet our own expectations or those of others.


You may feel that you need a change, but you have no idea what you want or how to achieve it.​

Reinventing yourself can begin with small steps, or with a big jump; the pace of your journey is up to you!


During these coaching sessions I will help you define your highest aspirations and guide you through this process by supporting you to create your Map of Life, to change your thinking patterns and to focus on the right things for you.

PhD/Master HAppitude

‘How can I force myself to write when I can’t even look at my thesis anymore?’

‘It feels like I am never going to complete my dissertation.’

These quotes are symptomatic of a cycle that I have observed hundreds of times while coaching Master and PhD students. Writer’s block is not uncommon while completing a PhD or Master thesis. But perhaps you are facing other obstacles, such as changes in your personal life, culture shock, loneliness, challenging health issues, funding limitations, difficult supervisors or even change of a supervisor… all of these things hold you back from achieving progress. 

During these coaching sessions I will support you to design a roadmap that will guide you in completing your dissertation and gaining your motivation and confidence back. You will discover what do you need to finish your thesis successfully.


Do you want to work together?

Schedule a free Discovery session to discuss your ups and downs, goals, aspirations and current challenges.

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